Rollebolle is the ideal landscape for young children from kindergarten (4 and 5 years old) learning to experiment with different playing materials and practising their moving skills. The attractive tumbling materials are a real playground for toddlers. These small children’s first contact with the project takes place within their classroomes, and […]

Kronkeldiedoe is  a landscape designed for children of the first and second grades of primary school and starting classes 1,3,7 and 8 types of special primary education. Kronkeldiedoe is a small puppet full of energy that jumps through various exercises. The exercises and the material were chosen in function of a […]

Apart from Rollebolle, for second & third kindergarten, Kronkeldiedoe, for first and second grade of primary education, SVS offers : “ All with a Ball”, a project especially designed for pupils of third and fourth grade, and 9 and 10 year olds of special primary education. This project, which revolves around […]

Apart from Rollebolle, for second & third kindergarten, Kronkeldiedoe, for the first & second grades of primary education, All with a Ball, for third & fourth grade of primary education, SVS offers : “American Games”, especially designed for the fifth and sixth grades of primary school and 11 till 13 […]

“A Sea of Sports “is an SVS initiative. The sports and game offer is provided by qualified monitors from many different federations. Central in “A Sea of Sports” is the exploration of, and the introduction to the coastal region and the so called “polders”, with many movement activities. The coastal region is […]

“Flemish cross country week for schools” is an SVS initiative, in close cooperation with the municipalities, sports services, the Sport Management Institute, the Flemish Athletics League and Sport Vlaanderen. The Flemish cross-country week has grown into one of the largest school sports classics in Flanders with more than 250,000 participants. Every […]

Each year, SVS organises, in cooperation with Danone and the technical support of the Flemish Football Federation, the “Danone Nations Cup”. It is a football happening designed for third grade boys and girls of primary education, and developed by BMC-Group. Danone Nations Cup – Recreational days The pupils learn the […]

“Symfollies” is a magic world. The inhabitants are the musical instruments from a symphonic orchestra. In Symfollies the leading characters are father Bass, mother Celine, their son Stradi and daughter Viola. Or all together: the violin family. Together with the other instruments of the symphonic orchestra, they go through exciting, funny […]

During Christmas holidays of 1989-1990, a dog called “Samson”, was introduced by the new TV announcers on “BRT” (Belgian public broadcaster). These new TV announcers wanted to make the announcements for youth programs more attractive by using an opponent, by means of a puppet, the dog “Samson”. In this way, […]

On February 20, 2000, BMC-Group NV signed an exclusive 10-year contract with the KBBB (Royal Belgian Basketball Association), the highest basketball authority in Belgium. It represents Belgian basketball on the national and international levels.     The exclusive partnership includes, among others, the management of all (commercial) rights of the […]

From 1994 on, BMC- Group was a permanent partner of the Belgian Football Association. Initially subcontracted by LMP, the marketing agency of the Belgian Football Association at the time, and since 1997 in a direct contractual relationship. From the first day of the cooperation, BMC Group focused on the “licensing” […]