BMC Group and the Royal Belgian Football Association

From 1994 on, BMC- Group was a permanent partner of the Belgian Football Association. Initially subcontracted by LMP, the marketing agency of the Belgian Football Association at the time, and since 1997 in a direct contractual relationship. From the first day of the cooperation, BMC Group focused on the “licensing” and “merchandising” aspects of the Belgian FA. In 2002 BMC- Group established a successful construction to facilitate the participation of the Red Devils to the finals of the Korea-Japan World Cup. It was the first time in the history of Belgian football that the Belgian Football Association together with their Red Devils went beyond their national borders to drive a commercial operation to success, including the organization of friendly games abroad.



From 2002 on, until 2014, the Red Devils unfortunately no longer participated in any finals of the European or world championships.


In 2004, BMC-Group then took the initiative to realize a digital platform for the approximately 500,000 members of the Royal Belgian Football Association. In collaboration with various key commercial partners (including the Euro Shoe Group) this was legally structured, (VZW Belgian Football Promotion). All RBFA members received a free digital smart card, enabling them to obtain various benefits from a number of commercial partners. Also the administration was simplified ( membership / connections / suspensions / …). The realization of this project was associated with an investment of over € 500,000 for electronic chip cards, made by commercial partners. The income RBFA could realize through this electronic chip cards came in addition to all other commercial revenues through sponsors. These revenues were no longer related to the performance of the Red Devils team. The revenues from the digital maps RBFA member cards did not depend on the performances of the Red Devils.