Flemish cross country week for schools

“Flemish cross country week for schools” is an SVS initiative, in close cooperation with the municipalities, sports services, the Sport Management Institute, the Flemish Athletics League and Sport Vlaanderen.

The Flemish cross-country week has grown into one of the largest school sports classics in Flanders with more than 250,000 participants. Every year this event reaches a considerable success.

The Flemish cross country week, always takes place in September, with one day declared as key date and official start date of the “Flemish schoolsport’s year”.

Brantano is main sponsor of the “Flemish cross-country week” and provides an extensive promotional and logistic support for the event.

The Flemish cross country week has to be considered as the largest classic schoolsports event of Flanders.

The success of the event is a result of the succesful cooperation between the various partners, the efforts of the different departments, the school sports organizers, the municipal sports services and the various athletics clubs. Also the support from “Brantano”, main sponsor, and the participation of “VBT”, who distributes apples to promote fruit awareness and consumption, have considerably contributed to this success.