American Games

Apart from Rollebolle, for second & third kindergarten, Kronkeldiedoe, for the first & second grades of primary education, All with a Ball, for third & fourth grade of primary education, SVS offers :

“American Games”, especially designed for the fifth and sixth grades of primary school and 11 till 13 year olds of special primary education.

The pupils are visiting three platforms through a rotating system.

  • Baseball : strikes, throwing at targets, catching
  • Different playing forms :  catch ball, flagball (preparation to rugby), kinball
  • Individual playing forms : frisbee, vortex, catchball, American football

Schools can register for this programme for a morning  or an afternoon session.

Up to 150 pupils can participate per session.

Pupils are divided into three platforms (see above).

Supervisors are asked to participate on all 3 levels, by determining the scores in the game, etc … Each supervisor, or educational staff obtains a manual describing the course of the American Games.