BMC Group and the Royal Belgian Basketball Association

On February 20, 2000, BMC-Group NV signed an exclusive 10-year contract with the KBBB (Royal Belgian Basketball Association), the highest basketball authority in Belgium. It represents Belgian basketball on the national and international levels.



The exclusive partnership includes, among others, the management of all (commercial) rights of the national basketball teams, including the men’s national team ‘Belgian Lions’.


BMC-Group is also responsible for the sponsorship activities of all national teams (including shirt sponsorship), the management of the image rights of national teams, the commercial organization of all home matches of the national teams, the publication of the membership magazine ‘Playground’, and the organization of various events to promote the basketball sport (including the organization of the official summer tours).Since 2001, BMC Group has also been arranging the cup finals for the KBBB, combined with the volleyball and handball. cup finals.


BMC- Group also manages the licensing rights of the KBBB (merchandising), and the company is responsible for the media contracts.