About US

BMC- Group was founded in 1990 as an independent consulting firm (Belgian Marketing and Consulting Group). From the early start, BMC-Group has been providing commercial advice to various companies. It also develops and designs all kinds of (private) concepts and projects.

For VMMA (then VTM), BMC Group conceived as of 1990  (game) concepts  based on popular TV shows such as Walter Capiau’s “The birthday show”, “ Zaki’s “Figures & Letters”,  Ingeborg “Schuifaf” …..

BMC-Group also developed the concept of “product placement” on VTM as well as on BRTN.

End of 1990 BMC-Group acquired all commercial rights regarding the project “Samson & Gert” from BRTN (VRT). BMC-Group launched the full commercialization.

In 1991 BMC-Group organized a “Samson & Gert” summer tour at the Belgian Coast. Following this summer tour BMC-Group launched the first “Samson & Gert Music CD”. The sale of this CD was a big success. Only in the Flanders region, more than 160.000 copies were sold. Eventually BMC sold more than one million of “Samson & Gert” CDs. During the Christmas 1991 period, BMC-Group started to organize Christmas shows in the Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp.  During the Christmas holidays, more than 12 shows were completely sold out. To meet the market demands, extra shows were arranged later that year . From 1997 on all “Samson & Gert” rights are governed by Studio 100.

Beginning 1992, bvba Lamoen turned into Limecas nv. Today Limecas is the real estate company of the group. The semi-industrial building in Schelle has a floor space of 8,748m2 on an area of approximately 1.6 ha with more than 3,000m² offices. This building also houses the BMC-Group offices.

In 1994 BMC-Group started to work together with the RBFA (Royal Belgian Football Association). In 1997 this cooperation turned into an exclusive and direct partnership. The highlight of this collaboration came in 2002 during the participation of the Red Devils to the finals of the FIFA World Cup in Japan–Korea.  BMC-Group was responsible for the coordination, preparation and organization of the stay of the Red Devils at this World Cup.  For the first time in history, friendly games were organized and commercialized abroad. These organization was taken care of by BMC-Group.  In July 2006, François De Keersmaecker was appointed the new President of the RBFA. Since the end of June 2009 BMC- Group has not taken any further initiative to continue the collaboration with RBFA.

BMC-Group is also the marketing agency of SVS (Flemish School Sports Foundation). This cooperation started in 1996, and has now been lasting for over 15 years.

In the early beginning of 2000 BMC-Group signed a contract with the KBBB (Royal Belgian Basketball Association). On behalf of the KBBB, BMC Group manages all commercial and organizational rights of the KBBB (including all the rights of the “Belgian Lions”).

In 1998 started the “Symfollies” project started (www.symfollies.com). Symfollies is a prestigious overall project, based on animation series including 52 cartoons of 5 minutes each. Each of these cartoons is a contemporary version of a classical masterpiece. The production of Symfollies required an investment of some 10 million euros. The Symfollies project is governed by the dedicated company Symfollies.com GCV.  The episodes are aired in more than 100 countries. The further development of the project  will be the main priority in the upcoming years.

Johan Casselman is founder and CEO of BMC-Group nv.