All with a Ball

Apart from Rollebolle, for second & third kindergarten, Kronkeldiedoe, for first and second grade of primary education, SVS offers :

“ All with a Ball”, a project especially designed for pupils of third and fourth grade, and 9 and 10 year olds of special primary education.

This project, which revolves around the magical world of the ball, uses a wide range of different types of balls (from marbles to a basketball) and a planned structure of diversity and difficulty levels in handling skills.

This “All with a Ball” project tries to captivate children as much as possible with a range of different balls and playing items, and this by means of three different platforms :

  • A “ball market”: the emphasis is on “playing” only, without any competition skills.
  • Team play : children are playing “against” each other. The offer contains “non classic” ball games.
  • Sports games : children play “together”. The offer consists mainly consists of essential skills in traditional ball sports.

Each child has to perform in the three platforms.

Schools can register for this programme for a morning or an afternoon session.

Up to 180 pupils can participate per session.

Pupils are divided into three platforms (see above).

Each activity is supervised by an adult (SVS, staff, teachers, schoolstaff, ….).

The supervisor explains the exercises according to the manual that is distributed in advance.

The move to the next exercise is done on a signal.